Click Basemap to switch a base map. Click checkboxes to toggle the visibility of layers in the map

Map navigation:

* Click a point to pop-up an info window to see details such as its htm, pdf and docx files.
* Click and Drag to pan around the map
* Double click to zoom in
* Scroll forward / backward to zoom in / out
* SHIFT + drag the mouse to zoom in
* Drag the zoom slider zoom slider up / down to zoom in / out
* Click the up zoom slider / downzoom sliderto zoom in / out
* Use the splitter to resize the left and bottom panels
* Turn on / off the overview map at the bottom right corner
* Drag the box in the overview map to pan the main map
* If applicable, maximize the info window to see pictures, hyperlinks, tables, charts, etc.
Click a thumbnail to switch a base map